Radoslav Curcic

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Sifu Radoslav Curcic

Bio Info:

Radoslav Curcic practising Wing Chun since 1996 and he is very talented disciple of sifu Nenad Koviljac with big ambition for learning, teaching and practising of the Wing Chun Kung Fu Matrial Art. Radoslav is sifu and leader in Wing Chun Kung Fu klub Kuen in Novi Sad. He is master level2 in Traditional Wing Chun. He has many students in Novi Sad, over 100... he run school on several locations with 2 assistents.

He teach many people olso from other schools and lineages, like Sava Vojnovic (Pancevo) from TWC Association lineage, Jelena Zikic (Bor).

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  • Practising on Wooden dummy  at sifu Nenad Koviljac home
  • Radoslav, Nenad and Nikola in Novi Sad - CHI SAO STAGE 2012.
  • Nikola, nenad and Radoslav with sifu Philipp Bayer in Bulgaria,Sofia
  • Wing Chun Kung Fu klub Kuen - Novi Sad
  • Training and testing of knolege with sifu Koviljac Nenad
  • Sifu Koviljac training pon sao with sifu Danijel Bicanic
  • Sifu Radoslav Curcic and Sifu Nenad Koviljac after practising 2011.
  • Sifu Stolic Svetozar - Cele and Sifu Radoslav Curcic applying chi sao
  • Training in Sremska Mitrovica Wing Chun Academy Dragon
  • Sifu Koviljac and Sifu Curcic sparring
  • Sifu Radoslav exercises on Sifu Koviljac Speed#3 seminar 2012

Bio (con't)

Every week he comes to Sremska Mitrovica in Dragon Academy to practise WSL PHB VT with sifu Koviljac Nenad in Dragon gym.

He is very good as a person and very kind, good friend, honest and loyal.

Last updated: Apr 5, 2012

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