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Sifu Tony Brooks has been doing Wing Chun Kung fu for well over a decade, and has been teaching it for many years. Sifu Tony is a positive, friendly and well-mannered person. He is respected by his students for the fun and enjoyable way that they are able to learn. Before starting Wing Chun, Sifu Tony had done multiple Martial Arts. After learning Wing Chun he does not use anything else because he says Wing Chun covers everything and is a complete Martial Art not needing other styles to complete it as many do.

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His respectful and polite manner makes him easy to talk to and an excellent teacher and his in-depth understanding of Wing Chun allows him to give his students the very best quality of tuition. Sifu Tony promotes respect, friendliness and understanding among his students and does not teach aggressive or bad minded people. His aim is that people can learn Wing Chun in an enjoyable environment without injury or stress. He credits his skill to, and emphasis great appreciation for President Sifu Ron Heimberger, Sifu Ip Ching and Sifu Ip Chun. Sifu Tony has found Wing Chun essential to jobs he has done from bouncer, bodyguard, repo agent, and licensed recovery and rescue where experience has given him a greater appreciation for all and life. He Teaches and has taught various people from Police, CIB, Bodyguard Services, Bouncers, Security Agents, Customs etc, and those looking for compedent self defence. This style of Qualified Diploma Hong Kong Wing Chun is found no where else in Aotearoa. Sifu Tony Brooks said he would be proud to be a fraction of the great skill of Sifu Ron Heimberger, Sifu Ip Ching and Sifu Ip Chun, Masters of magical Wing Chun. Sifu Tony is also an Official Member of the World Wing Chun Council and the only Representer for  Oceania on the Presidents behalf. Sifu Tony regularly enjoys visiting his family and friends in Hong Kong, where Bruce Lee was taught by GrandMaster Ip Man . Giving and sharing his world knowledge of Wing Chun to many good people is his aim: to promote happiness, health, empower good and the way of Wing Chun. Sifu Tony has a personal origin to Hong Kong as his popa was Chinese and fought in the Chinese Army in World war 2, while his grandfather was in the world war 2 on the otherside of the world in the Royal Air Force, England while his Granmother made bombs and ammunition to free Europe. He believes freedom and happiness for all and if the wild beasts want your life, draw your swords as karmic attack, is defence empowering one to stand when justice can help, only after a death event. If worse, world war 3 will leave sticks, stones and everlasting Wing Chun peace.

Last updated: Nov 13, 2011

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